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Alexanders Toybox


Introducing Alexander

Alexander was born in 1996. He has a younger sister, Isabelle and a younger brother, Charlie.

At four months of age Alexander was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Cortical Vision Impairment and Intellectual Delay.

Alexander cannot sit or stand without aid. He doesn’t have speech and can’t feed himself. He does, however, have a keen sense of humour.

Some of Alexander’s favourite things are swimming, riding his bike and school. He’s a Parramatta Eels fan and loves nothing more than chillin’ out on the lounge with dad to watch the Sunday afternoon footy.

Like most teenagers, Alexander is in to things like Crusty Demons, clothing with skeleton designs and Tech Decks. He has an iPod that we load up with audio books (Harry Potter and SpongeBob are always good) as well as some of the hard rock music that he likes.

Alexander’s favourite movie would have to be Transformers followed by Spiderman, Star Wars and a long time favourite is Finding Nemo. Oh and Kung Fu Panda is right up there too – the karate chop thing cracks him up every time.

Alexander’s Toybox came from the frustration of spending endless hours searching for relevant, age appropriate, fun stuff for Alexander. And then there’s the phone calls at birthday and Christmas times from family and friends asking for ideas on suitable gifts.

We’ve had a great time finding toys, gifts and resources for Alexander’s Toybox. We hope you find lots of fun stuff here for your child.

Alexander with his sister, Isabelle
Alexander with his sister, Isabelle

Alexander with Uncle Mark in the background
Alexander with Uncle Mark in the background

Alexander at Uluru
On our way to Uluru

P.S. Alexander’s favourite toys are the Bug Sounds Dragonfly and the Kaleidoscope. Isabelle’s favourite is the Party Lights and Charlie’s is the Bubble Rocket.

Alexanders Toybox