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Welcome to Alexander's Toybox

Special needs, additional needs, high support needs> They're all phrases used to describe children and adults with disabilities. And the disabilities are many and varied autism, stroke, cerebral palsy, intellectual delay, vision impairment, hearing loss.

But how often do we see the words disability and fun in the same sentence?

Alexander's Toybox aims to provide lots of fun stuff for kids, teens and adults with disabilities. Our toys are not necessarily disability specific but they are relevant. And fun.

We hope you find what you're looking for but before you leave us, have a look at our hints page and our news page.

And, if you have any curly questions about raising a child with disability, then contact us and we'll post it on our noticeboard. We'll post any answers we receive to your question.

And you must meet Alexander. We think he's wonderful young man!

Alexanders Toybox